Screenster Documentation

Install Screenster server

Sign up for Screenster at and download Screenster server. Install it on a dedicated server or a PC that would be used to record and execute automated tests.

Record test with visual baseline

Like the traditional tools it works by recording the user interactions with the page. Unlike the other tools, it automatically captures the entire rendered page as an image and stores it as a baseline. As soon as you are done recording, you are practically done automating. No coding, no element ids, no checks and assertions.

If you don't have a UI to record against yet, you can manually create a test using visual editor.

Run test to detect changes

After the baseline is created, the development team can make changes to the UI and backend logic without fear. Regression testing is done by running the recorded test case again. The only requirement is that the application is always started in the same state which can typically done by restoring the database or running the same setup scripts.

Manage visual differences

If differences are detected between the baseline and regression run screenshots, they are visually highlighted on the screen. Tester can approve the difference as expected change, ignore it from future comparison for dynamic parts of the UI such as a clock, or leave it as a failed test for developers to fix.


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