Overriding Action Emulation

When a user clicks a button in a browser or resizes the window, WebCream emulates the user action for the GUI application. After the window and its components have been updated with the data from the page, the action emulation takes place. Not every submitted page would cause action emulation. For instance, a page can be submitted by a dynamic event triggered by a selection or content change in a component that has a listener. WebCream supports the following standard actions:

Action emulation can be overridden by implementing ActionEmulator interface and registering the implementation with WebCream. ActionEmulator interface, defined in creamtec.webcream.gui package, has only one method emulateAction. This method is called before the standard emulation takes place and if it returned true, the emulation of action is considered to be complete. Action emulators can be registered for a particular window or for all windows. See the documentation on application configuration file for information on how to register a custom action emulator.

WebCream documentation includes CustomControlProcessor class, which demonstrates the implementation of ComponentRenderer, ComponentUpdater and ActionEmulator interfaces. The source code for CustomControlProcessor can be found in WebCream/doc/webcream/doc/examples directory.