WebCream Features

  • Deploying of existing Java applets and applications through HTML with no or minimal modifications
  • No HTML/CSS/DHTML/JavaScript knowledge is required to use the product
  • Support for HTML 4.0, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2), DHTML, JavaScript 1.2
  • Cross browser functionality. Support for Internet Explorer 4+, FireFox 1.2+ and any HTML 4.0 compatible browsers
  • AJAX functionality for asychronous updates and server calls
  • Deploying of existing Java applets and applications through HTML with no or minimal modifications
  • Rendering Java as HTML, rendering Swing as HTML, rendering applets as HTML
  • Allows customization of generated HTML pages through configurable styles (colors, fonts etc.)
  • Allows customization of AWT and Swing components rendering and custom controls support through custom renderers
  • Optional JVM process sharing by multiple clients for improved performance
  • Optional standalone clients execution for improved stability, scalability and security
  • Pooling of resources such as threads and memory for improved performance
  • Java solution written solely in Java
  • JDK 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 compliance
  • Support of dynamic events and listeners such as ActionListener, ItemListener
  • Dynamic clustering of JVMs for performance and scalability
  • Pre-loading and warmup of JVMs for speed of emulation
  • Internationalization support (various languages and character encoding)

Features for next releases

WebCream Limitations

  • Rendered HTML is subject to limitations of DHTML
  • Custom Swing components that do not extend standard Swing components require writing custom renderers
  • Applications that use complicated multithreaded GUI updates may not function as expected without modifications. In this case, modifications should be very minor. Follow this link for details on multithreading
  • Applications relying heavily on the GUI events may not function as expected. Not all GUI events are emulated for performance reasons (e.g. application will never receive MouseMove events)

Ideas and Suggestions

Can't find a feature you are looking for? We would be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas. Just email our technical support and describe what you need, and if it's possible you'll see it in our product.


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