Feature Matrix and Prices of WebCream Editions

WebCream is available in several editions and has dual licensing open source policy. To order a specific version click on the link below the edition name.

Feature Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Unlimited Edition Open Source Edition
1 Determined by the
purchased license
Unlimited Unlimited
3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CreamTec Promotional Link Removed No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Renderers 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Updaters 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Request and Agent Filters Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
HTML Themes Windows Windows, Blue, Fancy Windows, Blue, Fancy Windows, Blue, Fancy
Access to full WebCream API No Yes Yes Yes
Source Code No No Yes, HTML Renderering only Yes, Complete
Royalty Free Redistribution No No Yes Yes
Price Free $4,000 + $1,000*CPUs Contact
Free for qualifying open source
Contact info@creamtec.com
for commercial

For details of pricing and licensing please contact sales.



  • Standard Edition is a fully functional edition with limits on the number of concurrent users and on extensibility using Custom Renderers. It is perfectly suitable for evaluating WebCream for your applications. Note, that a link to CreamTec web site will always be displayed on rendered pages
  • Enterprise Edition is a commercial edition targeted at companies that deploy WebCream in a production environment with 1-10 hosts. It allows unlimited concurrent clients and full customization.
  • Unlimited Edition gives a license to run WebCream on as many hosts as needed with any number of CPUs. This license gives the ultimate freedom of deployment and the most flexibility with customization. The source code can be used as a reference or a foundation for customizing WebCream.
  • Open Source Edition gives licensee access to full WebCream source code with privileges to contribute changes, additions and customizations.
  • Hosts Limit specifies how many hosts will be allowed to run unlocked edition of WebCream. You will have to provide us with the names of hosts you are planning to run WebCream on. WebCream license is node-locked meaning that you won't be able to use it on a host for which it was not issued.
  • Concurrent Clients specifies how many users can use the application at the same time. If more users will try to connect than the number allowed for the edition, an error will be returned to the new users.
  • CreamTec Promotional Link is displayed in the upper right corner of every rendered window. A link "Powered by WebCream" is appended at the bottom of each window as well.
  • Custom Renderer and Updater allow customization of rendering and support for controls that are not included into standard WebCream. Any 3rd party components or custom components that do not extend high level AWT/Swing components can be web-enabled using Custom Renderers.
  • Request and Agent Filters allow pre- and post-processing of requests on several layers, starting from the servicing of HTTP request till the rendering of windows. The standard edition invokes the registered filters only for a limited number of times.
  • Free Application Configuration By CreamTec is a quality assurance from our company. CreamTec will configure your application and WebCream to achieve the best possible rendering. You will not have to spend time and effort and you'll benefit from our vast experience with web-enabling applications. You will need to provide us with a running version of your application or give us telnet/FTP access to the server where you are running your app.
  • Access to full WebCream API Indicates whether or not the custom code in renderers, updaters and filters has access to all classes and methods of WebCream. If there is no full access, only select key classes and methods are available. The rest of the methods are obfuscated.
  • Royalty Free Redistribution allows you to ship WebCream with your product and install it at client's sites. Without this option you can only use WebCream in the environment for which you have purchased the license.
  • Price WebCream is available under dual license. It is licensed under GNU Public License for qualifying non-commercial open source projects. To qualify the project has to be in a mature state and in a complimentory field to WebCream. For commercial and closed-source uses it is licensed under a proprietory commercial license. Both license provide access to full source code and privileges to contribute and commit code.
  • All sales are final. We will not be able to give you a refund if you change your mind or become unhappy with our products. We highly recommend that you download and use the free Standard Edition of our products in order to evaluate it.


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