CreamTec Maintenance and Technical Support Agreements

Maintenance Agreement

  • customers paying product maintenance are entitled to the following:
    1. Unlimited technical support via e-mail and reasonable telephone support for critical issues when e-mail cannot be used.
    2. Product upgrades and enhancements.
  • Maintenance charges are payable annually in advance, and the initial year is included with the license fee. After the first year, charges will be billed on the anniversary date of the license issue date. The cost of maintenance can be adjusted by CreamTec to reflect the inflation and product pricing changes.
  • No maintenance services will be provided unless and until annual maintenance billing has been settled by the user. Failure to settle any due account within 60 days of billing will render the maintenance plan void. Customers requiring subsequent maintenance or support services will be required to re-instate their maintenance plan at a premium of 10% of the then current license fees plus any current and back-log maintenance amount due. Alternatively, customers may purchase a new license.

Technical Support Agreement

  • Technical support via email is free of charge during product evaluation.
  • Technical support is free of charge to maintenance paying customers subject to the requirements of the Maintenance Agreement.
  • Non-Maintenance customers are NOT entitled to technical support after the product evaluation period.
  • CreamTec will make every reasonable effort to resolve issues raised by the customer within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Issues requiring product changes and bug fixes will take longer to resolve, but patches will be provided to the customer as soon as the changes are implemented and tested.
  • CreamTec continually announces maintenance updates and periodically announces major release level changes. Customers are encouraged to regularly visit our web site for the latest announcements.
  • Please also refer to the License Agreement for exclusive terms and conditions of use.