Convert Java Swing applet to servlet automatically and run emulated applet over SSL

Converting Java Swing applets to servlets is possible with WebCream. Because WebCream automatically generates HTML for Java GUI windows, applets can be deployed on the server and to the end users they will appear as plain HTML pages with JavaScript. WebCream provides a router servlet that receives submitted user data and generates the output page for the new state of the applet, so rather then statically converting applet WebCream deploys applet via a servlet. Custom Renderers and Custom Updaters can be registered with WebCream to provide servlet-like generation of custom HTML and processing of submitted data.

Utilizing WebCream in this fashion allows reusing applet code and business and keeping both solutions, Java GUI and HTML with servlets. WebCream will run applets on the server, but the user input will be emulated based on the actions performed in the browser. Since all communication with the browser is done via the servlet, implementing SSL for the applet becomes as simple as setting up the web server running WebCream to run the connection via secure sockets layer. Using <IFRAME> tag or even a <FRAME> tag the output of WebCream can be integrated into a .JSP page or a static HTML page.

For more details refer to Overview page on WebCream. To download free Standard Edition of WebCream go to download.

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