WebCream Solutions for Swing applets and applications

  • Convert Swing to AJAX websites automatically
    WebCream provides a natural migration path for Swing applications by providing automatic conversion to AJAX. Virtually without modifications the existing Swing based front end can be deployed as a thin client. Our product supports every standard Swing component by providing an AJAX version that runs in the browser.

  • Migrate Swing applications to HTML to view it on the web and PDAs
    WebCream makes it possible to access Swing applets and applications from PDAs as well as from web browsers. Because Java GUI screens are converted to HTML by WebCream as it emulates the graphical environment, any device that is capable of making HTTP requests and displaying HTML pages can be used to access the Swing application. reviewed technologies.

  • Deploy Swing applets in browser without the Java plugin
    Demonstrates how WebCream provides a solution for deploying Swing applets in a browser. Highlights how WebCream can be used as an applet performance solution and for cross-browser Swing deployment.

  • Convert Java applet to servlet automatically and run emulated applet over SSL
    Because WebCream automatically generates HTML for Java GUI windows, applets can be deployed on the server and to the end users they will appear as plain HTML pages with JavaScript. WebCream provides a router servlet that receives submitted user data and generates the output page for the new state of the applet, so rather then statically converting applet WebCream deploys applet via a servlet.

  • Convert Java applets to HTML to improve applet performance
    Demonstrates how WebCream allows you to convert Java applets to HTML without rewriting them or adding any server code. WebCream can be set up to deploy applets as DHTML and JavaScript that is compatible with any browser, even if the browser doesn't support Java at all. Hence, WebCream Java to HTML conversion utility has cross-browser functionality. This Java utility can be used as a applet to servlet converter that works completely automatically.

  • WebStart vs Java Plugin vs WebCream comparison - pros, cons and improvements
    Provides a side-by-side comparion of 3 deployment technologies - Java WebStart, Plugin and WebCream. For each technology we highlight the pros and cons, what is the best application for it and what to look out for. At the end a feature matrix is presented allowing easy visual comparison between the reviewed technologies.

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