Web-enabling Java Swing GUIs via HTML. WebCream Customer Success Stories

  Nokia bundles WebCream with its networking device
Nokia has embraced WebCream to provide a browser based interface for its network management system. It bundles WebCream with its software that is installed at client sites.

  Mosaic Network used WebCream to web-enable its flagship Swing application
Mosaic has invested years into the development of their flagship GEMS suite of products. This software enables social programs to track clients, services, and outcomes for self-evaluation and to share this data with funding staff and evaluators. After spending less then a month they were able to provide a superior browser based interface that rivaled the original Swing client. CreamTec's Professional Services assisted in customizing and enhancing WebCream to provide ultimate end user experience with the fastest time-to-market.

  I2 Technologies purchases Enterprise Edition of WebCream
After evaluating WebCream and its benefits to I2 applications the company has decided to obtain an Enterprise Edition and use it for various applications. Providing Value Chain Management solutions i2 has grown today to over $1 billion in revenues, more than 1000 customers, and 500 deployments in the last year alone.

  Cleo Communications utilizes WebCream to give users web-based access
Cleo Communications (http://www.cleo.com), the leader in integrated, reliable, communication centric e-business products and services, utilizes WebCream to expand it's Internet-based communications technology, VersaLex(TM) to launch new products capable of handling larger volumes of data. WebCream was an important step in the process as it was critical that users be able to access information and manage file transfers remotely. Cleo was pleased with how closely the look-and-feel of its product's user interface in HTML matched Swing. Quoting the customer, "We were especially impressed by CreamTec's openness, professionalism, knowledge, and in particular, CreamTec's ability to listen to our specific needs and provide enhancements or tips on adding customized code to achieve a professional end product".

  NovaXon uses WebCream to provide web access to their medical data collection products
NovaXon BV, based in the Netherlands, offers a range of products and services related to the collection, processing and analysis of clinical data. Their products are written in Java Swing and to gain a competitive advantage NovaXon had to support a wide variety of devices. Besides running on the desktop, using WebCream allowed NovaXon customers to access their applications from web browser, Tablet PCs and PDAs.

WebCream goes to Paris

Caisse Centrale de Reassurance based in Paris, France chose WebCream to web-enable their Swing applications and as a framework to deliver web-applications. One of the 25 largest reinsurance companies in the world, CCR underwrite all types of reinsurance business. CCR uses WebCream for giving the acces to their central application in Paris to their filial companies in the world.

Jackson National Life Insurance deploys applets as HTML
Jackson National Life is one of the largest life insurance companies in the United States. They became interested in exploring the possibility of converting their existing Swing applets to HTML and they tried CreamTec's WebCream. Using the console and the built-in webserver they have been able to immediately deploy their applet via HTML, and after spending some time they have configured WebCream to run with their external server, Allaire's JRun. Dominic Jude Iruduyaraj, the Lead Web developer at JNLI has commented on his experience with WebCream:

  • An advantageous tool for web developers to convert the swing application to run in a browser
  • Look and feel is awesome and attractive
  • Easy to install and run
  • Fine and helpfull for all Web Developers

Validio gets HTML front-end for their Java GUI based application
Validio, one of the Pacific Northwest's premier independent contract programming companies, had developed a Java GUI application using Swing. The application was a year ago to help in collecting the information about client requirements and preferences for project development. Later on Validio saw the benefit of using the same application via the Internet when Validio's consultants were collecting input from their customers. Rewriting the application to be HTML based, while not too difficult, didn't seem to be a very exciting and cost effective solution. After evaluating WebCream Validio has decided to try using it to convert their Swing application into HTML based one. In less then 30 minutes they had a working version of the application that could be accessed from anywhere around the world. They had to do no programming and using GUI based wizard of WebCream console was an easy way to web-enable the application. Later on the original application was slightly modified to make it look even more effective when rendered as HTML.


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