Feature Matrix, Licensing and Prices

AjaxSwing is available under commercial license that follows "something-for-something" philosophy. Depending on your situation and requirements you can:

Feature Standard Edition Enterprise Edition OEM Edition Source Code Edition
Node Locked No Yes No No
5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
AgileEngine Promotional Link Removed No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Renderers 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Updaters 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Request and Agent Filters Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to full AjaxSwing API No Yes Yes Yes
Usage Reporting Yes No Yes Yes
Source Code No No Yes, Renderering only Yes, Complete
Price Free $6,000 base + total cores*$1,000 Contact Sales Contact Sales

Enterprise Edition is node locked and is priced based on the total number of CPU cores. It is well suited for deployments of less than 30 cores.

OEM Edition allows redistribution and running AjaxSwing on any server and is priced based on quarterly usage reports. Per-CPU price is discounted based on the volume of sales.

For details of pricing and licensing please contact sales.