Citrix alternative for Java desktop applications

AjaxSwing offers a better alternative to Citrix for accessing Java desktop applications remotely. Below are the top reasons why:

  1. Security. you don't need to open access for user to your desktop (or part of desktop), application is running in true web container.
  2. No plugins needed. AjaxSwing works on all major browsers and does not require any additiononal software installed on client computer.
  3. Extensibility. You have full control on HTML, CSS and JavaScript that AjaxSwing generates, you can extend and costomize both application behavior and look and feel.
  4. Network Traffic. We use Ajax and send only changed components HTML, we are not streaming any data like Citrix. For event more traffic economy gzip can be enabled which produce great compression rates for HTML.
  5. API. AjaxSwing provides numerous methods that can be used by application to provide even better usability for webusers, you can detect user browser timezone and adjust displayed dates, you can detect user browser and OS, you get access to all information that true web applications have.
  6. Instant feedback to the user. Image streaming used by Citrix and other remote access products requires sending every event such as keystroke and mouse move to the server and streaming the changes in the application back to the user. With AjaxSwing most of the interaction happens in the browser on the client machine, where the user gets instant feedback.

AjaxSwing makes it possible to access Swing applets and applications from web browsers without a need for JRE. Because Java GUI screens are converted to HTML by AjaxSwing as it emulates the graphical environment, any device that is capable of making HTTP requests and displaying HTML pages can be used to access the Swing application. Thus, the task of migration is simplified to setting up the application with AjaxSwing and testing it using a browser or smart phone such as iPhone to make sure that it works. The architecture diagram illustrates how the process works and for more information on what AjaxSwing read the overview page.

The ultimate success of migration will probably depend on the design of the application screens. Migrating a Swing application to a web site will work perfectly for users who will use PCs with a web browser to access it. Modern smart phones have full featured browsers and large screen which makese them suitable for viewing migrated Swing applications. However, applications can detect if they are running under AjaxSwing and what kind of the browser is used.

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